Securing Global Routing


Mutually Agreed Norms  for Routing Security

The routing system of the Internet is vulnerable to many security threats such as:

  1.  Prefix Hijacks
  2.  Route Leaks
  3.  IP Address Spoofing

MANRS addresses these security threats through technical and collaborative actions from many players across the Internet.

MANRS participants believe the only way to strengthen the core routing system is by:

  1. Network Operators and IXPs applying the MANRS actions which are;
    • Global Validation,
    • Filteting, AntiSpoofing and
    • Coordination); and
  2. Enterprises demanding these actions are applied by their service providers.

I am a recipient of the Internet Society training on Securing Global Routing in order to work with Internet Society Zimbabwe Chapter and the local community to champion the MANRS initiative at local level.

Below is my Video of the training I received from Internet society;

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